Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day

This blog is dedicated for all the women out there, we are strong, we are brave, we are beautiful  and we can accomplish anything.

Growing up with 3 sisters and no brothers, my parents raised us to be strong independent women, who aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty, by this I literally mean going under the car and having grease stains on our face. My dad did not have a son to continue the family legacy but he has 4 daughters who have grown to be more then capable to accomplish this and his proud!  My sisters and I have a very close relationship which makes us stronger together. We are the perfect examples of women sticking together to achieve greater accomplishments, we uplift and move mountains to make any one of us fulfil her dreams.

Because of this relationship, it has curved me to be who i am today, always surrounding myself with women who are inspiring strong, brave and supportive. From sisters, to friends, to my Msuko Sisal women team. 

It is disappointing to witness the inequality and sexism still existing today. for there are millions of women being held back by society and told that just because she is a women she is unfit for a certain task/position/paycheque.So Let us Women stand up for each other, uplift and empower one another to be better, to have a voice to stand up for ourselves.

I raise my glass in a standing novation to all the  women who are supporting other women, who feel there to be no competition between women and  a women doing better then her is an inspiration.

Msuko Sisal with a Scandinavian Twist

In my previous post, I wrote that Msuko Sisal can be incorporated in any interior design space. I also wrote about designing a personal space is similar to knowing your own sense of fashion. Our homes or personal space mostly reflects on who we are as a person.
In this Blog I will inspire you to a Scandinavian Interior Design, the thing to know about Scandinavian style is less is more. It is all about having a clean space that can never go out of style. It is a space that makes colourless appear warm and inviting with the contracts of different texture and soft hue.

Credit: http://www.scandinavian-homes.se/
Credit: http://www.ritualhomedesign.com


The pictures above otherwise plain and uninviting, if not for the plants and the mix of different details with a variety of material texture. The Scandinavian Inspired Design is bright with neutral colours, of white and beige.

Below is a selection of items handmade by the Msuko Sisal women, made with 100% natural sisal fibre in the most sustainable way possible. Which can be used to add more details in your otherwise plain Scandinavian space.

landry Basket.jpg


It is absolutely lovely to have a Scandinavian interior design in your personal space be it may your home or the office. There is something serene about having a clean slate with no clutter just a few individual texture items that defines your sense of style.

Bohemian Style Decor

Designing your space is a personal preference, you can describe your home/office in your own style similar to how you describe fashion sense.  Whether it is contemporary, coastal, rustic, traditional….. and the list goes on. Msuko sisal can be incorporated in your decor to blend and to be placed anywhere.

In this article, I will mainly focus on Bohemian Chic, Which you can already imagine this style sense has fridges, macrame and inspirationally textures. This style is meant to be easy to flow but also timeless with no fault.


In this living area notice the beautiful lighting feature which goes well with the whiten wooden flooring and rug. 





Below is one of Msuko Sisal original, made to add that instant standout feature in your living room.


Msuko Sisal decorative vase with beads


Bohemian chic is an expression to express yourself freely, It can be authentic and usually full of colors. With a carefree sense and exotic textiles and rugs, bohemian style is a true definition of freedom.


Design Attract ; Plants, pots, colour and rugs



Creating a Boho chic space in your bathroom does not take a lot of effort, Adding a msuko sisal basket and plants also helps in capturing a sense of peace in the bathroom.




Msuko Sisal Strip Basket

Everything Sisal

With Msuko Sisal I aspire to inspire you to decorate your home with a touch of something that is sustainably made with sisal fiber.

Lately, you can see all most everywhere in homes or offices a touch of nature indoors.

Below is my inspiration for how beautiful you can make your space with a simple addition.

In the kitchen you can have Msuko Sisal tray

A touch of a plant in the Foyer

Create a cosy space that has outdoor in indoors

This is a stool handmade by the Msuko Sisal women


Thanks for joining me!

I am Mama Adam, In Africa, once a woman has given birth to their first child she is called Mama ‘Name of child’.

Msuko Sisal all started in an extra room, with parents who always give back to the community, I aspired to find my way and what came naturally, after being a mother myself was to support and uplift the women community in the village where I have spent so many years in. 

So in November 2017 I easily found five amazingly talented women; Mama Ngwenje, Mama Maria, Mama Ismail, Mama Witness and Mama Asma. These  ( we will continue to grow with demand) are all able to weave and bead up beautiful pieces. Together we open the each other’s world of vase possibilities.

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_184bPicture I took from left to right; Mama Maria, Mama Witness , Mama Ismail, Mama Asma and Mama Ngwenje.


In our workshop we laugh, we wreck our brains, we share ideas and look through lots of videos to understand each others concept. We enjoy what we do and every item is made with love and possibly a funny story to go with it.